The Order of Defense

The Order of Defense, founded in 2015, is one of four bestowed peerages. Per the Governing Documents, a Master of Defense “[…] must be considered the equal of his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of rapier and/or cut-and-thrust combat [and] must have applied this skill and/or knowledge for the instruction of members and service to the kingdom to an extent above and beyond that normally expected of members of the Society.” A white livery collar is the registered and protected regalia for the Order, and the badge of the Order is (tinctureless) three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.


Name Award Date
Ysabel de Saincte Croix 2015-05-24
Mikolaj Pilypaitis 2015-08-22
Morgan Ironheart 2015-10-10
Wistric Oftun 2015-11-21
Francois le Souris 2015-12-05
David Twynham 2016-04-02
Nikolaus Hildebrand 2016-08-27
Jean-Azriel du Corbier 2016-12-03
Lazarus Gauge 2017-03-16
Davio De Le Rouge 2018-11-17
Nikoslav Mikolaevich 2019-04-06
Cato di Napoli Writ
Niccolo Romero Writ